About Us

Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh.

Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh. is a project of the Rural Agri-Innovation Network . A project of humble beginnings at its start, Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh. has evolved to its current form, incorporating both online and print materials for local consumers to source as much local product as possible. The publication is revised every two years to allow for consistent updating of information, and to invite new producers to get involved in this great project.

Since the release of the last directory for 2017-2018, there has been positive results for the initiative, including:

  • Distribution of 2,000 local food printed directories
  • A 30% increase in traffic on the Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh. website (20,000 sessions)
  • A 60% increase in likes on the Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh. Facebook page (500 to well over 1300)


The Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh. mission is “to enhance economic opportunities for agriculture in the Algoma / Sault area by facilitating linkages between producers and consumers through promotion, education, and co-operation.”

Visiting a farm

Most producers in this directory have products available at farm-gate (purchases on their farm). Before getting ready to go see the farm, make sure you look over these guidelines.

Call ahead: Wherever possible, call ahead to confirm your visit. If you have pre-arranged a visit make sure you show up on time. Note: Some farmers in the directory do not have telephones. Check their listing for when they are open at farm gate.
Respect directions of signs and farm staff: This goes for parking cars, touching animals, and picking produce as well as where you can walk and drive.
Ask before taking pictures: Some people like having their pictures taken, others do not. Just ask and they will let you know.
Ask before feeding or petting animals: This can save your fingers and the farmer’s time in dealing with sick animals. When going to more than one farm per day, talk to the host before entering animal facilities or crop areas.


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