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About Us

A regional branding and marketing program

Buy Algoma, Buy Local is a regional branding and marketing program to promote local food & drink in the Algoma region, initiated by The Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN), a division of the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre, a not-for-profit organization, focusing on enhancing the agri-food and food sector in Algoma.


Growing the agri-food and
food sector

The program focuses on growing the agri-food and food sector by working together with local producers, processors, farmers’ markets, restaurants, retailers, community supporters & organizations. Our members are ambassadors for the region, playing an essential role in highlighting some of the best local food & drink in our area.

Connecting locals and visitors with local food & drink

Through various initiatives, we connect locals and visitors with:

  • What is grown, harvested and raised in the region

  • Local food and drink that reflect the region’s history, heritage, and culture

  • Unique, authentic, and memorable eating and drinking experiences across the region


Our Initiatives


Continue to build a recognizable brand in the region, representing high-quality local food & drink products and experiences in the area.


Promote Algoma as a place to experience local food & drink, through different marketing initiatives.

community development

Develop partnerships with community supporters & organizations, working together to grow the local economy and regional food system.

market development

Provide resources for the growth and development of members, and the agri-food and food sector.


capacity building

Assist businesses in obtaining, improving, and retaining skills, knowledge, and tools to offer valuable local food & drink products and experiences successfully.

event & experience coordination

Facilitate the development of thriving local food & drink events and experiences in the region.

Become A Member

Join over 50 members who are committed to providing high-quality local food & drink products and experiences in the Algoma region.

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