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The Algoma Food Network was born out of a desire to connect like-minded individuals and groups who are interested/involved in community-level action related to food security in the Algoma Region. Its desire is to be an umbrella organization working with and connecting consumers, producers, distributors and processors in an open and meaningful way.  By working to strength our local food supply  we are not only helping to ensure that farmers here can continue to produce delicious, healthy food but it is keeping money local and building stronger community ties.

We have recently transferred to the Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh. website. This is a space for individuals to connect, communicate, coordinate and plan activities, and share information, strategies and insights about local food security initiatives and events happening in our community.

Our Mission

The Algoma Food Network is committed to ensuring a sustainable local food system by:

  • Promoting an increased production of locally produced foods, working towards a long-term food security strategy
  • Building stronger connections between farmers, businesses, institutions and consumers within the Algoma District
  • Making connections between health, environment and food choices; improving access to affordable, safe and healthy food
  • Building community capacity through education around the cultivation and the preparation of fresh, healthy foods.


The Algoma Food Network was born out of a desire to connect like-minded individuals and groups who are interested and involved in community-level action related to food security in Algoma District.

As a member of the Algoma Food Network, you will receive notification of events designed to link food producers and consumers in the district. You will also support the expanding local food system and find suggestions on how to add locally produced foods and products to your diet. The Algoma Food Network offers you the chance to meet the people in our community who grow, process, distribute and prepare food.

Membership is $10.00, and membership forms can be downloaded here: AFNet Brochure

Community Involvement

Since 2007, the Algoma Food Network has worked at connecting local food producers to consumers. The Network underwent a strategic planning session in 2011 to refine its mission and goals. Over this period of time, the Algoma Food Network has hosted events, promoted local food and agriculture, and has begun to formulate the Sault Ste. Marie Food Charter.


  • Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh.
  • Local Food Businesses
  • Good Food For All
  • Edible Algoma
  • Local Food For Local People

Contact Information

 David Thompson Co-Chair: or (705) 575-3054

Birgit Kroll Co-Chair: or (705) 945-1538

Tracey Perri Secretary: or (705) 942-4646 Ext. 3033

Suzanne Hanna Treasurer: or (705) 759-2893

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