29 Jul 2011

Friday Feature Farmer – July 29

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Algoma Farm Fresh
Jack and Lou Ann Tindall    
3676 Government Rd. RR#1
Desbarats, ON

Jack Tindall has been raising cattle for 30+ years in the Algoma District. His experience is proven in the care he provides his animals and the high quality of his product. His cattle roam across several pastures scattered between Desbarats and the St. Joe’s Island turnoff. Jack’s beef is all natural with no additives or hormones added to it.

Algoma Farm Fresh products can be purchased at the Algoma Farmers’ Market – open Wednesday and Saturday. On Saturdays, Jack’s steaks can be purchased freshly cut.  Be sure to arrive early, as they sell out quickly! You can also find his product at Hilton Beach Open Air every Friday afternoon.

Products: Beef, honey, and whole wheat flour.

In this Sault Star Article, Jack explains the plight of cattle farmers in Northern Ontario since the BSE (mad cow disease) crisis that had a devastating effect on farm incomes.


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